E Commerce Podcast Assets 4415 Oct 2020
How to Take Small Steps to Grow Your eCommerce ProfitsKurious Agency

Tony Guarnaccia, founder of Results Trained and author of Small Steps to Big Profits, shares his insights into running profitable businesses using his framework of growth factors.

Chloe Thomas e Commerce Podcast Assets 4412 Oct 2020
How To Prepare For Black Friday and Cyber MondayKurious Agency

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday fast approaching and more people shopping online there is no better time to start preparing for the busiest shopping days of the year.

E Commerce Podcast Assets Padriag Walsh 395 Oct 2020
How To Improve Your Website With Behavioural DesignKurious Agency

When it comes to eCommerce, behaviour psychology is more relevant than ever.

E Commerce Podcast Assets 3424 Sep 2020
8 Step Blueprint For Building A Successful eCommerce BusinessKurious Agency

JJ Resnick, an expert in working with brands to help them succeed online, shares his tested and proved 8-step blueprint for building a successful eCommerce business.

E Commerce Podcast Assets 2924 Sep 2020
How to Optimise Engagement Through Customer Lifecycle MarketingKurious Agency

Customer lifecycle marketing enables engaged prospects to become loyal and repeat customers.

Marcus Cauchi e Commerce Podcast Assets 2411 Sep 2020
How To Tell Stories That ConvertKurious Agency

Stories are powerful connectors that break down barriers and build relationships. A compelling narrative evokes emotion and forms connections with the target audience that are vital for conversion.

Elle Mc Cann e Commerce Podcast Assets 183 Sep 2020
Fixing the biggest problem with Shopify: I have traffic but no salesKurious Agency

If there is one complaint that most eCommerce entrepreneurs on Shopify have, it’s this: I have traffic but no sales.

Tim Hughes e Commerce Podcast Assets 132 Sep 2020
How Social Selling Can Grow Your BusinessKurious Agency

Effective social selling is more than just doing social, it is about forming connections and fostering relationships.

Neil Roberts Social 0831 Aug 2020
What Does Customer Focus Look Like for an eCommerce Business?Kurious Agency

Neil Roberts, Product Director at Moo, shares four ways to better understand how we can deliver great customer focus to reap a more profitable and sustainable eCommerce business.

Jesse Schoberg Social 0319 Aug 2020
Blogging Your Way to Bigger eCommerce ProfitsKurious Agency

Jesse Schoberg shares his insight and expertise on how to source remote teams and the importance of content marketing for eCommerce entrepreneurs.

James Pybus 241 Jun 2020
The Digital Marketing Strategy You Need to Transform Your BusinessKurious Agency

The logic digital marketing strategy is based on the simple principle that successful web page optimisation is impossible without thorough keyword research.

Meyrick D Souza 2324 May 2020
Weapons of Influence and Their Application to eCommerceKurious Agency

We like to believe that everyone gathers all the available information before they make a decision but the sad fact is that there is too much information. What influences our decision making process? How do we persuade others to our way of thinking when ?

Lorna Leaver 1815 May 2020
Why You Should Barcode Every ProductKurious Agency

Lorna Leaver of GS1, a non-profit organisation which develops and maintains global standards for business communication, unpacks for us the topic of barcodes and gives clear insight into the importance of product identification for online businesses.

Heikki Haldre 167 May 2020
Three Top Tips For Startup Success From Expert, Heikki HaldreKurious Agency

A well planned strategy is critical to helping any startup successfully launch their venture and retain their competitive edge. A startup without a strategy will lack clear goals and direction to keep their business afloat.

Chris Raven 1429 Apr 2020
Understanding Growth Hacking For Your BusinessKurious Agency

Too often we become focused on new and trending data-driven marketing and forget the fundamental old school principles. Marketing isn’t an isolated discipline and it needs an holistic approach.

Alina Ghostb 1123 Apr 2020
The 3 Pillars of SEOKurious Agency

Many of us don't fully realise the rich benefit of SEO and SEO done right. A large part of online traffic is driven by search engines and as smart as search engines are, they still need our help to access certain pieces of information.

Ian Moyse 0419 Apr 2020
7 Ways to Build Your Personal BrandKurious Agency

Your personal branding matters.

Chloe Thomas 018 Apr 2020
How to Get Traffic That Buys to Your WebsiteKurious Agency

Chloe’s latest book, How to get traffic that buys to your website, addresses the struggle people have with knowing what marketing they should be doing for their business.