Meet the faces behind the scenes
Jim Savage

I was a web designer for 10+ years before moving my focus onto front-end web development for another 10 years. Now I do both … where has the time gone?

Sadaf Beynon

I love hanging out with my family and friends over food and board games. In between doing life with my husband and two young boys, I'm either reading or Marie Kondo'ing my house.

Samuel Birch

I love the great outdoors! Some days it's just the idea of the outdoors rather than actually experiencing the elements but at heart, I’m a nature enthusiast.

Matt Edmundson

I'd buy Liverpool Football Club if I could afford it. My kids would prefer an Aston Martin and my wife would rather spruce up the house. Being a family man I exercise the skills of negotiation and compromise: I buy gadgets.

Mike Lowe

Away from a computer screen I’m a total cricket tragic! I love watching it, playing and discussing it no end!

Mark Jackson

My “spare” time is spent hanging out with my two young boys. Time out means watching Footie, Formula 1 and catching the occasional film at the cinema. I love to go walking in the beautiful English countryside.