Kurious Digital: the Experience-Based eCommerce Platform to help you:

Build your remarkable online business
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Kurious Digital FeaturesKD is rich with features that provide flexibility and complete content customisation so that it can scale with your business as it grows and evolves.
Flexible designFlexible Design

Tailor and theme your website layout and design to meet even the most specific requirements.

Customisable contentCustomisable Content

Build and order pages with complete freedom. No pages have to look the same.

BlankCustom Solution

Easily create a system or a custom solution to the bespoke requirements of the clients.

Seo toolsSEO Tools

Make your site more visible by using our inbuilt easy to use SEO tools for content marketing.

Multi siteMulti Site

Manage content on multiple sites via one CMS.

Live previewLive Previews

See how your content will appear in the front end as you type in the back end or CMS.


KD is stable, secure and fully compliant with all industry standards.

Multi user accountsMulti-User Accounts

Set up different user groups for both front end and back end use.

BlankData Encryption

Account passwords are always stored encrypted.

User rolesUser Roles

Set up specific roles and permissions for each user in each group.

Multi currencyMulti-Currency

Define a product price in each currency.

Advanced functionalityAdvanced Functionality

Create condition based pricing rules by upselling, add-ons, gift with purchase and bundles.

Taxes shippingTaxes and Shipping

Set tax rules and multiple shipping methods.

Security updatesSecurity Updates

Regular security updates to ensure your site is always bug free.

BlankShipping Integration

Easily integrate with your shipping services.

BlankFeature Updates

Access new KD features to keep your site up-to-date.

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Sell Everywhere

Experience-based eCommerce design and a crazy amount of advanced features make KD the ideal choice to sell online.
Trade Orders

Manage complex and simple orders easily in the CMS.

Advanced Features

Affiliates, Refer-a-Friend, Upsell Features, Flexible Product Pages, Infinite design...the list goes on.

Built Mobile-First

Achieve business success with responsive mobile-first sites.

Build Principles

In building our experience-based eCommerce platform, we worked with these principles.

Build for Growth

Build for Growth is one of our core values and for good reason. We know your business will change, grow and evolve with the passage of time. Your business is dynamic and moving, and KD has been built to adapt as you grow. Need a custom feature? Want the system to do something specific, like integrate with your CMS or Warehouse System? No problem!


Continual Development

The web is always changing and evolving. Think about the technology changes in just the last few years. It's astounding. KD is constantly being developed and new ideas being introduced. The KD platform is kept up-to-date so that it won't be old and retired in six months. You've got a great future with KD.

Speed of Template Platforms

One of the headline benefits of template-style-platforms is the speed at which you can get a fully functioning and tested website up and running in a short time frame. KD is built on the same idea but it comes without the unnecessary functionality and bloatware. KD sites can be set up quickly and easily, saving both time and money, and are proven to be faster.

Elegance of Custom Design

Template-style-platforms are great to start but quickly become restrictive. Typically, businesses begin on this type of system but move on as the needs of the business change and grow. KD has been built with the benefits of template platforms, but also the flexibility and elegance of custom site design. We believe that KD should be built around your business and not the other way around.

Experience of an Agency

The web is full of tutorials for template-style-platforms but beyond that it is difficult to get someone on the phone that really knows what they are doing. The KD platform is simple enough for you to design and build your own website but we know that you also want to be able to phone your web agency, speak to someone who can talk you through any issues as well as give you the benefit of their experience.

Our Amazing eCommerce Customers

We love working with amazing customers all over the world to help them grow their online presence and sales with a website that they can be proud of. Here are a few of our recent projects.
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Chris round

Kurious Agency took our old website and transformed it. Along with their consulting services, our annual sales have increased by over 500% and we have grown to have a worldwide sales base.

— Chris Smith, MD Vegetology