“The process whereby your website is crafted through the transformation of experience.” (adapted from Kolb, 1984)


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Kurious Digital

An Experience-Based eCommerce Framework
  • Get your digital strategy right from day one
  • Quickly develop a prototype of your site
  • Discover the perfect design for your customers
  • Innovate in customer experience
  • Connect all your digital systems to one CMS
  • Test in a dedicated environment
  • Grow your digital business
  • Developed by transforming experience (over 7,000,000 line items processed and counting)

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Projects our team have helped along the way
Brink trim
Vclean logo
Pl logo
Turf trim
Andy Kearney

Our eCommerce website is critical to the success of our business both in terms of online sales and back end functionality to drive the processes of our businesses. Kurious Agency took complex problems and turned them into a simple and powerful website that we are incredibly proud of. It's been great fun to keep working with the KA team.

— Andy Kearney, MD Brink UK


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